Smoke simulation with obstacles
outside the simulation grid



The integration of natural phenomena in a virtual scene is a difficult task. Most of them involve small scale dynamics that looks chaotic on large scale. Such phenomena are fluid motion, fire, and smoke. Although their simulation is difficult and usually has high resource requirements real-time simulation is possible by making compromises. In this paper we present a method to simulate smoke in real-time by taking advantage of the GPU. We also present a way to include solid objects considered as obstacles in the simulation. A disadvantage of the simulation is that the space for simulation is limited. The obstacles outside the simulation grid have no effect. In this paper we introduce a way to overcome this.


Download the full paper from here.


2D smoke simulation (semi-Lagrangian advection)

2D smoke simulation (MacCormack advection)

3D smoke simulation (including an obstacle)

The effect of a moving obstacle on the velocity field

Simulated effect

Approximated effect


A demonstration of the 3D smoke simulator (including an obstacle): video
The simulated effect of a moving obstacle: video
The approximated effect of a moving obstacle: video
The method used for the approximation of the effect of the obstacle is presented in the paper.

Adam Csendesi, 2009