A Constraint Based System to Populate Procedurally Modeled Cities with Buildings


Creating large-scale virtual environments for interactive applications such as computer games poses a demanding challenge for computer graphics. We present a system that procedurally creates urban environments including street networks, street geometry and building parcels. Our main contribution is a constraint based system that chooses the “best fitting” building for every parcel from a set of existing buildings. Building properties such as the footprint, area, and faces that should have street access are used to select the most suitable building.
Furthermore we introduce a robust technique to create 3D street geometry for streets that adapt to different terrain heights and describe a method to create a more realistic city shape and more detailed outer regions.



VUT-Scharl-Johannes.pdf - Paper to the project

Video_ScharlJohannes.wmv - Short video showcase

© Johannes Scharl, Student at the Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms