5. Conclusions

    The choosed design was rather successful and surprisingly simple to build. But there remain some problems to solve. The most important and most annoying are ultrasonic echoes from near objects. They interfere with measuring of distance and add noise to the measured data. Thus filtering has to be done, but this slows things down a lot. There is an idea to move the filtering algorithm to micro-controller and do it in hardware in some future version of the firmware, but this will need more computational power than used type of micro-controller can provide. Another idea is to add remaining three degrees of freedom (rotations), but this will require major changes in construction. Software part of the project needs some more work too. One of the most challenging ideas is integration with some well known modeller such as Caligari's TrueSpace or Autodesk's 3D Studio. Some work on TrueSpace is already done, but due to lack of time, progress is very slow.
    This project can be an example, how can be VR technology used even with a tight budget and simple equipment.