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Inverse Kinematics experienced a great evolution in the last twenty years. Many methods to solve have been developed and many approaches applied. A special branch was created around these ideas and other thoughts are still coming.

The basic methods were approached -- Jacobian inversion, Jacobian transposition, Optimization, Cyclic coordinate descent, Genetic programming. The main ideas in each method were described. A comparison was based on access to problem and ideas of solutions. Every method mentioned above could be applied as solver for inversion kinematics in articulated figure animation. Advantages and disadvantage of these methods were mentioned in Section 3.3.

The basis for further work should be the implementation of several methods and comparison based on features and behaviors. The interesting objective is also to combine some of the methods together and thus, eliminate some problems. Also, a comparison of possibilities to incorporate constraints is a possible way to explore.

Lukas Barinka 2002-03-21