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 CESCG 2015 - Registration

Michael Wimmer, Martin Ilcik, Andrej Ferko


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April 20th - 22nd, 2015, in Smolenice, Slovakia

Support CESCG
If you want to support CESCG with a financial donation, please send an email to the organizers.

It will also be possible to donate at the conference site if this more convenient to you.


This is the on-line registration form for CESCG 2015. Please fill in your data carefully! After submitting the form, you will be notified about the registration via email.

The online registration is only possible for participating groups (see the call for participation).

Registration fee

The seminar fees for CESCG 2015 are set to €150 for regular participants and are requested to be paid cash at the registration desk immediately after arrival. Students registered as full time student at a college or University will get a discount if they register as students and show a valid student-id card at the registration desk. Please note that you will be charged with a higher fee in case you want to register after the deadline. Attendants without prior online registration loose the options for student fees.

Students may also apply for:

Reduced fee
if the university can not refund the fee. The applications will be checked with the supervisors.
Sponsorship by the organizers
if the student presents a paper, the university can not refund the fee and the financial situation of the student does not allow him/her to pay the reduced fee. The sponsorships will be assigned after the registration deadline, depending on the budget of the CESCG 2015.

Regular Student Reduced Sponsored   Late
€150 €100 €60 ≤ €60   +20%

The registration fee includes free access to:

Admission to all seminar sessions, printed conference program, usually there is a scientific-art-exhibition.
Accommodation directly in the mansion for two nights. There is a private parking lot for participants.
Buffet breakfast, warm lunch and dinner are served in the dining hall. Additional calories are supplied in form of cakes and hot drinks during coffee breaks. In case of fire-friendly weather there is a grill party on the second evening.
Social program
There are many small sport events organized in the free time at the venue sport place(s): Soccer, volleyball, cricket, frisbee, tennis, even rock climbing is possible not far away. Traditional folk music evening is organized right after the welcome dinner, followed by musical improvisations of CESCG participants.

Registration closed, the deadline passed.

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