A New Data Structure for Terrain Models

Petr Lobaz

Department of Informatics and Computer Science
This work was supported by The Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic
projects VS 97155, ME 259 and project GA AV A2030801.

The University of West Bohemia
Plzen, Czech Republic


In computer applications, work with terrains is very often needed. Requirements on data structure of the terrain model depend on the application. Here we present data structure destined mainly for image synthesis software. Presented data structure is able to store complex terrain features such as overhangs and caves. Notes about implementation are also included.

KEYWORDS: terrain synthesis, image synthesis, data structure, terrain models

1. Introduction
2. Currently used data structures
3. Motivation for new data structure creation
4. Methods for terrain generation
5. Methods of terrain rendering
6. Development of new data structure
7. Implementation
8. Conclusions