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Preliminary Program of CESCG 2001

Up to January 16, 2001, we received quite a large number of announcements of participation as replies to the Call for Participation of CESCG 2001. Thus, we are proud to publish the preliminary program of CESCG 2001. To prepare the successful preparation of printed proceedings and web proceedings for the seminar, we want to remind the participants about how to proceed in preparing their contributions, first.

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A Note to Participants

Participants are required to upload a `gzip'ed (compressed) version of their submissions to our FTP server (URL ftp://ftp.cg.tuwien.ac.at/pub/CESCG/2001/upload/ ) by March 22nd, 2001, 23:59 CET at the latest. Submissions which are uploaded after this deadline probably cannot be published in the printed version of CESCG 2001 proceedings. As the HTML version of the proceedings will be prepared in parallel with their printed version, the HTML files have to be here by the same deadline, as well.

Please read the upload instructions available at ftp://ftp.cg.tuwien.ac.at/pub/CESCG/2001/upload/:README carefully, such that we have no problems to include all the contributions in the proceedings! Please recall that only those contributions are included in any form of seminar proceedings, that conform to the "Guidelines for Authors" as specified at http://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/studentwork/CESCG/guidelines/!

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Invited Talk

The organizers of CESCG 2001 are proud to announce an invited talk to be held at the seminar:

Invited Speaker Title / Abstract Reg
Helwig HAUSER,
Vienna, Austria
Title: The challenge of visualizing three-dimensional data [yes]

Computer graphics has become an integral part of everyday life and work. As one part of computer graphics, visualization plays an important role when data from various sources should be presented or investigated. One example is the visualization of 3D data, which originates in computer tomography or similar acquisition modalities. Here, the special challenge of visualization is to make meaningful images of data which densly populates the 3D domain. The problem to deal with is occlusion, of course. 2D images just do not provide sufficient space for all the data to be visualized. Quite some solutions have been presented up to now to nevertheless generate useful images. Direct volume rendering on the basis of compositing, maximum-intensity projection, rendering of boundary-structures like iso-surfaces, etc., are just the most important techniques to be mentioned here. This talk tries to demonstrate the challenge of 3D visualization by giving an intuitive visualization of the problems first, as well as by showing solutions, which have been established over the last years.

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Preliminary Program

In the following we present all the talks registered for CESCG 2001. As not all of the invited groups announced two talks, we were able to redistribute the free slots to other groups who indicated their interest. In case of missing information (no name yet, etc.) we ask the concerning group to send the missing data as soon as possible. Find a legend describing the meaning of the icons at the bottom of the list.

Participating groups Talks announced Reg
Austria Graz Günter SCHWANN Physically Based Animation In An Augmented Reality Environment [yes]
Raimund LEITNER View-Dependent Simplification Of Arbitrary Polygonal Environments [yes]
Vienna Armin KANITSAR Postprocessing and Visualization of peripheral CTA data in clinical environments [yes]
Ivan VIOLA, Matej MLEJNEK Implementation of a Feature Preserving Volume-Filtering Algorithm [no]
Czech Repulic Brno (VUT) Jakub GUTTNER Stereoanalysis of image pairs using wavelet transformation [no]
TBA TBA [empty]
Brno (MU) TBA TBA [empty]
TBA TBA [empty]
Ostrava TBA TBA [empty]
Plzen TBA Radiation Model for Volume Data Visualization [no]
Josef KOHOUT Parallel Delaunay Triangulation [no]
Prague Martin SIMUNEK Visualization of Talking Heads [yes]
Vladimir STEPAN Realistic Sailing a Virtual Ocean [yes]
Jaroslav DORNÁK Editing VRML Worlds in MultiUser Environments [yes]
Hungary Budapest JOCHA Dávid, KOLOSZÁR József Interactive Virtual Colonoscopy [yes]
SZÉCSI László Scientific Visualization in Pollutant Transport Modelling [yes]
Italy Genova Silvia BIASOTTI Topological techniques for shape understanding [yes]
Giuseppe PATANÉ Geometry compression and multiresolution analysis for reverse engineering [yes]
Slovakia Bratislava (UK) Dusan BEZÁK Mass Scenes Rendering Framework