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Welcome to CESCG 2001!

This is it, the year 1 a.H. (after Helwig). Strong doubts arose in the last few months if we will manage to organize another event of such dimension without the help of the big one. Would we be able to gather enough submissions? Would we be able to produce the proceedings in time? Would we be able to find every misplaced comma in the texts? We think we did it. Surely without the same perfectionism, but we think we were able to keep the standard of the last years.

But this is not all. We even tried to again improve the event if there was left anything to improve by Helwig. This year, the Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics is held under the auspices of the Austrian ambassador in Slovakia, Gabriele Matzner-Holzer, who also shows an exhibition of own oil paintings of impressions of Slovakia. We also produced a CD this year with the contributions of all five CESCGs (actually, this owes much to Helwig again, he simply cannot sit still...) and Andrej managed to organize a tutorial, which is given on Wednesday morning.

However, the most important aspect of CESCG is and has alway been to bring students of computer graphics areas together across boundaries of universities and countries. With this respect, we are proud that for the first time this year students from Genova, Italy, joined CESCG to report about their work, increasing the number of participating countries to six. Students from nine more computer graphics groups in central Europe, specifically from Bratislava, Slovakia (UK & STU); Pilsen, Czech Republic (VUT); Budapest, Hungary; Graz, Austria; Linz, Austria; Maribor, Slovenia; Prague, Czech Republic; and Vienna, Austria; participate at CESCG 2001.

This seminar would not have happened without the help of numerous people. We specifically want to thank Andrej Ferko, Pavel Chalmoviansky and Marek Zimanyi from Bratislava, and Helwig Hauser and Jan Prikryl from Vienna, as well as all the students who put a lot of effort in preparing papers and presentations.

Although one should not speak about money (just be glad to have it) we also want to thank the sponsors of CESCG 2001, namely, COFAX, an annual trade fair in the field of computer technologies; Slovenská Sporitel'na, a Slovak financial institution; AVL, a large Austrian company in the field of automotive technology; VRVis, a research center for virtual reality and visualization in Vienna; Springer, an Austrian scientific book publisher; OCG, the Austrian Computer Association; Tiani Medgraph, Vienna, a company in the field of medical applications; VisMed, an FFF-funded project on medical data visualization; and the organizing committee of SCCG. This financial support made it possible to organize again such an event almost free of charge for students.

April 2001, Ivan Viola & Thomas Theußl

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Flow & Volume Visualisation
(Budapest, Hungary)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Scientific Visualisation in Pollutant Transport Modelling
(Budapest, Hungary)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Interactive Virtual Colonoscopy
(Vienna, Austria)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Postprocessing and Visualization of peripheral CTA data in clinical environments
(Vienna, Austria)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Implementation of a Feature-Preserving Volume-Filtering Algorithm

Geometric Algorithms and Applications
Smiljan Sinjur
(Maribor, Slovenia)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Collision detection between moving objects using uniform space subdivision
(Graz, Austria)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Hierarchical Dynamic Simplification for Interactive Visualisation of Complex Scenes
(Pilsen, Czech Republic)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Parallel Incremental Delaunay Triangulation
(Maribor, Slovenia)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] GemmaCAD 2D - Constraint-based Interactive Drawing System

Rendering and Facial modelling
(UK, Bratislava, Slovakia)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Mass Scenes Rendering Framework
Martin BALOG
(UK, Bratislava, Slovakia)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Towards Optimal Combination of Shooting and Gathering Stochastic Radiosity
(Prague, Czech Republic)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Visualization of talking human head
(Budapest, Hungary)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Interactive Human Face Modelling

Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
Giuseppe PATANÉ
(Genova, Italy)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Multiresolution compression and feature line reconstruction for Reverse Engineering
(Genova, Italy)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Topological Techniques for Shape Understanding
(UK, Bratislava, Slovakia)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Pattern Recognition Using Genetic Algorithms

Virtual Reality
Stanislav HRK
(STU, Bratislava, Slovakia)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Virtual Art Gallery
Vladimir STEPAN
(Prague, Czech Republic)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Realistic Sailing a Virtual Ocean
Jaroslav Dornák
(Prague, Czech Republic)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Editing VRML Worlds in Multi-User Environment
(Graz, Austria)
[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] Physically Based Animation in an Augmented Reality Environment

Invited Talk
(Vienna, Austria)

[.ps-file] [.pdf-file] The challenge of visualizing three-dimensional data

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