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Up to December 4, 2003, we received a very large number of announcements of participation as replies to the Call for Participation of CESCG 2004. Thus, we are proud to publish the preliminary program of CESCG 2004. To prepare the successful preparation of printed proceedings and web proceedings for the seminar, we want to remind the participants about how to proceed in preparing their contributions, first.

A Note to Participants

Participants are required to upload a `gzip'ed (compressed) version of their submissions (including an anonymous version of the paper and possible supplementary material like additional images, movies, ..., for reviewing) via our submission page (URL ) by February 5th, 2004, 23:59 CET at the latest. The anonymous material will then be distributed for reviewing, reviews will be send to the authors by February 20th. Final submissions must be uploaded by March 3rd, 2004, 23:59 CET at the latest. Submissions which are uploaded after this deadline CANNOT be published in the printed version of CESCG 2004 proceedings. As the HTML version of the proceedings will be prepared in parallel with their printed version, the HTML files have to be here by the same deadline, as well.

Please read the upload instructions which are available at our submission web page carefully, such that we have no problems to include all the contributions in the proceedings. Please recall that only those contributions are included in any form of seminar proceedings, that conform to the "Guidelines for Authors" as specified at!

Preliminary Seminar Schedule

The seminar schedule is again divided into three days. We have two invited talks sessions, six paper sessions, coffee breaks and lunch and again very popular social programs. See the details in the following time table:

  19.04.2004 20.04.2004 21.04.2004
7:30-8:30 Travelling Breakfast Breakfast
8:30-10:10 Session 3: Photorealistic Rendering Session 6: Hardware-Accelerated Rendering
10:10-10:40 Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:40-12:20 Registration Session 4: Computational Geometry & Image Processing Invited Talk by Alan Chalmers
12:20-14:00 Lunch Lunch Closing Remarks &
14:00-15:40 Opening Ceremony & Session 1: Virtual Reality and Cultural Heritage  Session 5: Modelling  
15:40-16:10 Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:10-17:50 Session 2: Visualization Session 6: Invited Talk by Jiri Zara
17:50-18:30 Opening Ceremony Spare Time
of Poster Exhibition,
Spare Time
18:30-?? Welcome Party Social Program

Invited Talks

The organizers of CESCG 2004 are proud to announce the invited talks to be held at the seminar:

Invited Speaker Title / Abstract Reg
Jiri ZÁRA,
Czech Republic
Title: Web-Based Presentations of Large Urban Scenes [yes]

The talk brings an overview of various issues dealing with presentation of virtual urban scenes on the web. Basic principles and methods for data preparation and processing are introduced. Several useful and practical approaches are shown on examples taken from one real implementation of a virtual city - the Virtual Old Prague project. The talk explains why complex virtual cities are still missing on the web and shows ways how to extend already existing web sites by three-dimensional urban objects. A story of modeling selected historical Prague buildings under the European project Virtual Heart of Central Europe concludes the talk.

England, U.K.
Title: Recreating the Past: Graphics and Archaeology [yes]

We will never know precisely what was in the mind of our ancestors as they painted rock shelters in France 25 thousand years ago, or raised the pyramids in Egypt, or even purchased a particular brightly coloured pot during the Middle Ages. Recently archaeologists have been increasingly turning to the powerful tools provided by computer graphics for modelling multi-dimensional aspects of the data gathered to help interpret material preserved from ancient cultures.

This talk addresses the problems associated with reconstructing archaeological and heritage sites on computer and evaluating the realism of the resultant models. The crucial question considered is: are the results misleading and thus are we in fact misinterpreting the past.

Preliminary Program

In the following we present all the talks registered for CESCG 2004. In case of missing information (no name yet, etc.) we ask the concerning group to send the missing data as soon as possible. Find a legend describing the meaning of the icons at the bottom of the list. To fill out the registration form please follow the link.

Participating groups Talks announced Reg
Austria Graz Alexander TERBU Virtual Cockpit: An Alternative Augmented Reality User Interface [yes]
Hagenberg Gerald BINDER PocketHouseAR - An Approach to Use a Pocket PC as Interaction Tool for Augmented Reality [yes]
Vienna (ICGA) Stefan BRUCKNER Efficient Volume Visualization of Large Medical Datasets [yes]
Oliver MATTAUSCH Practical Reconstruction Schemes and Hardware-Accelerated Direct Volume Rendering on Body-Centered Cubic Grids [yes]
Vienna (VRVis) Martin GASSER Fast Focus+Context Visualization of Large Scientific Data [yes]
Matej NOVOTNÝ Visually Effective Information Visualization for Large Data [yes]
Czech Repulic Brno (VUT) Jirí VENERA Searching for Simple Geometric Shapes in Raster Image [yes]
Ivana RUDOLFOVÁ High Fidelity Rendering of the Interior of an Egyptian Temple [yes]
Prague Michal KRAUS Human Motion and Emotion Parameterization [yes]
Bristol Gavin ELLIS A Conversion Pipeline: From Laserscanned Data to High Fidelity Rendering [yes]
Sanjin JEGINOVIC (Sarajevo) Interactive 3D models - From 3ds max to VRML [yes]
Germany Bonn Joachim HARABASZ Out-of-Core Terrain Rendering with Reparameterized Textures [yes]
Martin SCHNEIDER Real-Time BTF Rendering [yes]
Hungary Budapest SZABO Marton Hardware generated shadows [yes]
BARSI Attila and JAKAB Gabor Stream Processing in Global Illumination [yes]
Szeged OLLÉ Krisztián MedEdit: A Computer Assisted Planning and Simulation System for Orthopedic-Trauma Surgery [yes]
Poland Szeczin Dorota ZDROJEWSKA Real time rendering of heterogeneous fog based on graphics hardware acceleration [yes]
Piotr KUREK A novel representation of 3D shapes based on modified sphere equation [yes]
Slovakia Bratislava (UK) Tomas BUJNAK Real-time Shadows [yes]
Zsolt TOTH Towards Optimal Texture Reconstruction [yes]
Bratislava (STU) Peter DRAHOS and Peter KAPEC Facial Expressions Animation [yes]
Marian SEDLÁCEK Evaluation of RGB and HSV Models in Human Faces Detection [yes]
Slovenia Maribor Miroslav SABO Improving Advanced Particle System by Adding Property Milestones to Particle Life Cycle [yes]
Vid DOMITER Constrained Delaunay Triangulation Using Uniform Subdivision [yes]
Legend:   . . . no contribution information available   . . . some contribution information missing   . . . not registered yet   . . . registered, everything ok   TBA. . . to be announced  

The 8th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics is sponsored by the following companies:


Visegrad Fund

Ministry of Education
of Slovakia


Tiani Medgraph



A.K. Peters

and is orgainzed under the auspices of the Austrian ambassador in Slovakia Martin Bolldorf.

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