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 CESCG 2016 - Contributions

Martin Ilcik, Michael Wimmer


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April 24th - 27th, 2016, in Smolenice, Slovakia


Welcome to CESCG 2016!

This website contains the proceedings of the 20th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics, short CESCG, which continues a history of very successful seminars. We are happy to celebrate already its 20th edition. Again this year, CESCG proceedings have an ISBN (978-3-9502533-8-2) and will therefore remain retrievable as long as there are libraries!

The long history of CESCG has started in 1997 in a medium-sized lecture room in Bratislava, bringing together students from Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Graz, Prague, and Vienna. The idea found wide appraisal and the seminar moved to the beautiful castle of Budmerice, where it was held for 8 consecutive years, constantly growing in size and attraction. It was just in the 10th anniversary year 2006 that CESCG had to take a detour to move to Častá-Papiernička Centre, while it was back in Budmerice castle in 2007. Unfortunately, since 2011 the Budmerice castle is not available for scientific activities. After spending the one year in Viničné, in 2012 we moved to the beautiful castle in Smolenice.

Who are the CESCG heroes who made this year's seminar happen? In no particular order -- because many people were involved equally -- we would like to thank the organizers from Vienna: Michael Wimmer, Anita Mayerhofer, Katharina Krösl, Thomas Trautner, and Werner Purgathofer. Special thanks goes to Martin Ilčík for taking care of the complete reviewing process and scientific program preparation. We are very thankful to the CESCG organizers from Bratislava, mainly Andrej Ferko, always an inspiration to CESCG; Ela Šikudová, and Michal Ferko for the excellent preparations and on-site organization.

The main idea of CESCG is to bring students of computer graphics together across boundaries of universities and countries. We mainly focus on sustainable academic and research development in the field of Computer Graphics in Visegrad Countries and Austria. Our mission is to support undergraduate talents in their future careers. Therefore, we are proud to state that we have achieved again a high number of 16 participating institutions and a tight time schedule of 19 valuable student works, 3 specialized interactive workshops, and two invited talks. We welcome groups from Bratislava (UK and STU), Slovakia; Brno (VUT and MU), Plzeň and Prague (CTU and KU), Czech Republic; Budapest (BME), Hungary; Bonn, Germany; Graz and Vienna (TU and VRVis), Austria; Szczecin, Poland; Bergen, Norway; Maribor, Slovenia; and Sarajevo (UnSa), Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We assembled an International Program Committee of 15 members, allowing us to have each paper reviewed by three IPC members during the informal reviewing process. We would like to thank the members of the IPC for their contribution to the reviewing process. The IPC of CESCG 2016 consists of:

Vanda BenešováSelma Rizvić
Jiří BittnerMichael Schwärzler
Andrej FerkoJiří Sochor
Helwig HauserLászló Szirmay-Kalos
Michael KenzelAnia Tomaszewska
Ivana KolingerováMichael Wimmer
Radosław MantiukBorut Žalik
Pavel Zemčík

The reviewing process was further supported by: Zuzana Berger Haladová, Michael Birsak, Martin Brunnhuber, Zuzana Černeková, Michal Domanski, Michal Ferko, Christian Freude, Christian Hafner, Michael Hecher, Bernhard Kerbl, Michael May, Haichao Miao, Przemyslaw Musialski, Stefan Ohrhallinger, Michal Piovarčí, Reinhold Preiner, Mohamed Radwan, Hiroyuki Sakai, Elena Šikudová, Bernhard Steiner, Ivana Uhlíková, Ivana Varhaníková, and Károly Zsolnaii-Fehér.

The first invited talk "Visual data science -- Advancing science through visual reasoning" will be held by Torsten Möller from the Research Group Visualization and Data Analysis of the Vienna University, Austria. The second invited talk by Jaroslav Křivánek from the Computer Graphics Group at the Department of Software and Computer Science Education of the Charles University, Czech Republic, will be about "Realistic Rendering in the ArchViz and Visual Effect Industries: When Academic Research Meets Practice". The workshop "What makes a great talk?" will be held by Károly Zsolnai. Martin Ilčík will guide the students in the second workshop called "The Hero’s Journey in Science".

To celebrate the 20 years of CESCG, Martin Ilčík initiated the CESCG EXPO project. For the first time in the CESCG history, around 10 companies specialized on visual computing will present their innovative products in a small interactive exhibition on Sunday afternoon. We hope the experience to motivate students to become experts and future leaders in this area. We are proud to introduce the partner companies: Bohemia Interactive, Prague; Capturing Reality, Bratislava; Escape Motions, Piešťany; Keen Software House, Prague; Lost in the Garden, Vienna; Photoneo, Bratislava; Vectary, Bratislava; Vis Gravis, Bratislava, VRVis, Vienna; and Waltzing Atoms, Vienna. The seminar is co-organized with the Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG), which takes place right after.

The organization of a seminar where there are only low expenses for the students requires funding. We are very thankful to the sponsors of CESCG 2016:

  • Disney Research, Innovations in Entertainment Technologies
  • NVidia, The Way It's Meant to Be Played
  • VRVis, Research Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization
  • OCG, The Austrian Computer Association
  • SISp, Slovak Society for Computer Science
  • Waltzing Atoms, The atomic toolbox
  • Eurographics, The European Association for Computer Graphics

Please note that the electronic version of these proceedings is also available at

April  2016,
Michael Wimmer
Jiří Hladůvka
Martin Ilčík


Please refer to the final program.

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Slovak Society of Computer Science

Slovak Society of Computer Science

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