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Haptic Visualization of Pictograms

Dita Nýmcová
Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
Brno / Czech republic


Limited eye sight people are deprived of possibility to perceive many things, 2D raster images are one of them. Therefore we tried to mediate them this experience in some way by means of touch in our work. Consequently the question occured, how to get the third dimension from discrete image function that represents raster image and how to visualize hapticly the created relief. We achieved the most conclusive results by experimenting with pictograms, i.e. raster images containing simple plain-coloured objects only. We mention experiments realised in our HCI laboratory.

KEYWORDS: haptic visualization, raster image, image processing.

Dita Nemcova
Thu Apr 6 10:53:43 MET DST 2000