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The 7th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics is sponsored by the following companies:


Visegrad Fund
Ministry of Education
of Slovakia


Tiani Medgraph

and is orgainzed under the auspices of the Austrian ambassador in Slovakia Martin Bolldorf.

Up to January 14, 2003, we received quite a large number of announcements of participation as replies to the Call for Participation of CESCG 2003. Thus, we are proud to publish the preliminary program of CESCG 2003. To prepare the successful preparation of printed proceedings and web proceedings for the seminar, we want to remind the participants about how to proceed in preparing their contributions, first.

A Note to Participants

Participants are required to upload a `gzip'ed (compressed) version of their submissions (including an anonymous version of the paper and possible supplementary material like additional images, movies, ..., for reviewing) via our submission page (URL ) by February 27th, 2003, 23:59 CET at the latest. The anonymous material will then be distributed for reviewing, reviews will be send to the authors by March 10th. Final submissions must be uploaded by March 20th, 2003, 23:59 CET at the latest. Submissions which are uploaded after this deadline probably cannot be published in the printed version of CESCG 2003 proceedings. As the HTML version of the proceedings will be prepared in parallel with their printed version, the HTML files have to be here by the same deadline, as well.

Please read the upload instructions which are available at our submission web page carefully, such that we have no problems to include all the contributions in the proceedings. Please recall that only those contributions are included in any form of seminar proceedings, that conform to the "Guidelines for Authors" as specified at!

Invited Talks

The organizers of CESCG 2003 are proud to announce the invited talks to be held at the seminar:

Invited Speaker Title / Abstract Reg
Meister Eduard GRÖLLER,
Title: Scientific Visualization in Medicine (or a Christmas-Tree in Heaven) [no]

The visual processing of medical data is a prominent subtopic in scientific visualization. The first part of the talk surveys some of the recent respective projects done at the Vienna University of Technology. These projects include, e.g., virtual endoscopy and colon unfolding, non-photorealistic rendering of volume data, intuitive transfer-function specification. The second part of the talk deals with visualization of blood vessels. CTA (Computed Tomopgraphy Angiography) processes contrast media enhanced blood vessels. In collaboration with radiologists deseases of the lower peripheral arteries, like calcifications, stenoses, occlusions, are investigated. Sub-tasks are vessel segmentation, calculation of central paths, interactive volume and cross-section rendering. CPRs (Curved Planar Reformations) are defined by a free-form surface through the central vessel path. The volume data is resampled along a CPR. The properties of various CPR variants are discussed. The last part of the talk concerns a case study to employ computed tomography for the acquistion of complex geometric models. Further information on the research projects is available at

Ladislav KVASZ,
Title: Epistemological Aspects of the History of Painting [no]

The geometrical principles of perspective have been thoroughly analysed and well understood. Nevertheless by this analysis the question of the relationship between painting and geometry is usually considered to be exhausted. The aim of the paper is to push the study of the analogies between painting and geometry further, through mannerism and baroque till cubism and abstract art.

Our basic thesis is, that some paintings of the high baroque as Les Meninas of Diego Velazquez or some of the illusionistic decorations painted by Andrea Pozzo have the same pictorial form (in the sense of Wittgenstein's Tractatus) as the picture embodied in the texts on non-Euclidean geometry (Lobachevsky, Beltrami). Thus the technical innovations, which were used by Lobachevsky and Beltrami in their discovery of the non-Euclidean geometry, were more than a century earlier developed by the baroque painters.

Further the analogy between the impressionist way of creating space (in Turner, Monet, and Seurat) and the geometrical ideas of Cayley and Klein to use projective space as a basis for non-Euclidean geometry is discussed. Next the paper describes the parallel between the creation of space in the paintings of Cezanne and Picasso and the concept of space in algebraic topology.

Preliminary Program

In the following we present all the talks registered for CESCG 2003. As not all of the invited groups announced two talks, we are able to redistribute the free slots to those groups who indicate their interest. In case of missing information (no name yet, etc.) we ask the concerning group to send the missing data as soon as possible. Find a legend describing the meaning of the icons at the bottom of the list.

Participating groups Talks announced Reg
Austria Graz Helfried TSCHEMMERNEGG WebCAME - A 3D Multiresolution Viewer for the Web [no]
Marco Sergio ANDRADE LEAL CAMARA Modeling Realistic Water and Fire [no]
Vienna (ICGA + VRVis) Matej MLEJNEK Feature Based Volume Rendering of Simulation Data [no]
Christoph BERGER A Flexible Framework for Hardware-Accelerated High-Quality Volume Rendering [no]
Wolfgang DEIX A Fractal Model for Artificial Rocks [no]
Czech Repulic Brno (VUT) Michal SPANEL Face Representation and Tracking Using Gabor Wavelet Network [no]
Plzen Milan KOLLINGER, Karel VONDRACEK, Vaclava SEBLOVA, Jaroslav ZDRAZIL, Jakub JIRKA, Lucie VOKOUNOVA and Vaclav SKALA Flood Simulation and Visualization [yes]
Milan FRANK, Ivo HANAK, Tomas SMLSAL and Vaclav SKALA Graphical Interfaces for C# [no]
Prague Ladislav KAVAN Rigid Body Collision Response [yes]
Ladislav CMOLIK and
Miroslav ULLER
Point Cloud Morphing [yes]
Pavel HALABALA Semantic Metadata Creation [yes]
Germany Bonn Marcel KÖRTGEN, Gil-Joo PARK, Marcin NOVOTNY and Reinhard KLEIN 3D Shape Matching With 3D Shape Contexts [no]
Marc BOSSERHOFF and Andre NICOLL Realistic Materials for Virtual Real-Time Environments [no]
Hungary Budapest DEAK Szabolcs Dynamic Simulation in a Driving Simulator Game [no]
LAZANYI Istvan Preprocessing virtual worlds for virtual reality applications [no]
JUHASZ Tamas Graphics Acceleration Techniques for a Mobile Robot Simulator [no]
Slovakia Bratislava (UK) Peter KUBINI Tracking facial features using low resolution and low fps cameras under variable light conditions [no]
Jozef ZAJAC Biped Animation Using Mathematical Expressions in Maya [yes]
Bratislava (STU) Roman KAPUSTA Scene reconstruction using structured light [no]
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