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Best Paper

This year it was a tough decision which student work will be awarded as one of the best papers. After a long and hot discussion among the IPC members the final decision has been made. We are proud to inform that the best papers of CESCG 2005 are:

Best Paper Award
Konrad Kabaja
(Szczecin, Poland)
[.pdf-file] Storing of High Dynamic Range Images in JPEG/JFIF files
2. Best Paper Award
Henning Scharsach
(Vienna, Austria)
[.pdf-file] Advanced GPU Raycasting
3. Best Paper Award
Martin Bujnak
(Bratislava, Slovakia)
[.pdf-file] [.ppt-file] On-line structure from motion

Best Presentation

The best presentations were selected by the audience. Their votes say that the best presentations of CESCG 2005 are:

Best Presentation Award
Denis Steinemann
(Zurich, Switzerland)
[.pdf-file] [.avi-file] Generation and Fracturing of Thick Shells
2. Best Presentation Award
Henning Scharsach
(Vienna, Austria)
[.pdf-file] Advanced GPU Raycasting
3. Best Presentation Award
Daniel Scherzer
(Vienna, Austria)
[.pdf-file] [.ppt-file] Robust Shadow Maps for Large Environments


The 9th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics is sponsored by the following companies:


Visegrad Fund

Ministry of Education
of Slovakia


Slovenska Sporitelna




our official partner this year: COFAX
and is organized under the auspices of the Austrian ambassador in Slovakia Martin Bolldorf.

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