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Michael Wimmer, Andreas Traxler, Helwig Hauser

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If you want to support CESCG with a financial donation, please send an email to the organizers.

It will also be possible to donate at the conference site if this more convenient to you.


This is the on-line registration form for CESCG 2006. Please fill in your data carefully! After submitting the form, you will be notified about the registration via email.

The online registration is only possible for participating groups (see the call for participation).

There is a seminar fee for participants that neither contribute to the seminar nor supervise any speaker. The fee of 40 Euro covers partly accomodation, food, and other seminar costs. The bank connection will be sent to participants after the registration deadline. On-site registration in Castá-Papiernicka Centre is 60 Euro.


Registration is closed!


The 10th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics is sponsored by the following companies:


Ministry of Education
of Slovakia




Vienna IT Enterprises



Red Bull

our official partner this year: COFAX
and is organized under the auspices of the Austrian ambassador in Slovakia Martin Bolldorf.

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