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Up to December 12, 2006, we received a large number of announcements of participation in reply to the Call for Participation of CESCG 2007. Thus, we are proud to publish the preliminary program of CESCG 2007. Unfortunately, we were not able to accomodate all requested slots, but we have tried to make a fair selection. Please have a look at the list of talks below and send us as soon as possible the information still missing in the table (names, talk titles).

To prepare the successful preparation of printed proceedings and web proceedings for the seminar, we want to remind the participants about how to proceed in preparing their contributions. The detailed timetable can be found in the Call for Participation. Please note that in 2006 there were some changes to the LaTEX template, as well as new instructions for providing images, so please review them carefully!

A Note to Participants

Participants are required to upload a zipped version of their submission (including possible supplementary material like additional images, movies, ..., for reviewing) via our submission page (active from January 2, 2007) by February 2, 2007, 23:59 CET at the latest. Note that also this year we do not require an anonymous version. The material will then be distributed for reviewing. Reviews will be sent to the authors by February 23. Final submissions must be uploaded by March 9, 2007, 23:59 CET at the latest. Submissions which are uploaded after this deadline cannot be published in the printed version of CESCG 2007 proceedings. As the HTML version of the proceedings will be prepared in parallel with their printed version, the HTML files have to be here by the same deadline as well.

Please read the upload instructions which are available at our submission web page (active from January 2, 2007) carefully, such that we have no problems to include all the contributions in the proceedings. Please recall that only those contributions are included in any form of seminar proceedings that conform to the "Guidelines for Authors" as specified at!

Please also make sure that all participants of CESCG 2007, esp. the speakers and supervisors, do register as early as possible via the registration page (active from January 2, 2007)!

Preliminary Seminar Schedule

The seminar schedule is again divided into three days. We have two invited talks sessions, six paper sessions, coffee breaks and lunch and again very popular social programs. See the details in the following time table: [not yet available]

Invited Talks

The organizers of CESCG 2007 are proud to announce the invited talks to be held at the seminar:

Invited Speaker Title and Abstract
Mateu SBERT,
Applications of Information Theory to Computer Graphics

We present in this talk several applications of Information Theory to Computer Graphics, based on the use of the measures of entropy and mutual information, f-divergences and generalized entropies.

Application areas presented are hierarchical radiosity, adaptive pixel supersampling, selection of best view-points, object and scene exploration, mesh saliency, mesh simplification and object recognition.

Czech Republic
Triangulations for computer graphics applications

Triangulations in 2D and 3D are a necessary and useful tool for many computer-graphics-related applications. This talk first briefly surveys main categories and types of triangulations in 2D. Then the talk concentrates on the most often used triangulations - Delaunay and greedy, with short recapitulation of their main properties, behaviour and algorithms for their construction. Then differences and difficulties which arise for the 3D case or for dynamic and kinetic data are addressed. Main attention in the talk will be drawn to case studies: several computer graphics and image processing problems, which can be properly solved by triangulations, such as surface reconstruction, contour line computation, planar domain boundary reconstruction, image representation etc.

Preliminary Program

In the following we present all the talks announced for CESCG 2007.

In case of missing information (no name or title yet, etc.) we ask the concerning group to send the missing data as soon as possible.

Country City Name Title
Austria Graz Tobias Gross 2D/3D registration of X-ray and CT data
Marc Streit Interactive Visualization of Complex Graphs
Hagenberg Ines Stuppacher Rendering of Water Drops in Real-Time
Vienna (VRVis) Oliver Klar Interactive GPU-Based Segmentation of Large Medical Volume Data with Level Sets
Jürgen Platzer Enhancing Interactive Visual Data Analysis by Statistical Functionality
Vienna (VUT) Martin Haidacher Importance Driven Rendering in Interventional Imaging
Bosnia Sarajevo (Univ.) Vedad Hulusic Optimization threshold in Sarajevo City Hall virtual model for Efficent Web Presentation
Sarajevo (SSST) Belma Ramic Digital 3D Postcards of Heritage Sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic Brno Radek Kubicek Visualization of the Marked Cells of Model Organism
Tomasz Mikolov Color reduction using K-means clustering
Plzen Petr Broz Exact and heuristic path planning methods for VR
Martina Malkova A new core-based morphing algorithm for polygons
Prague Miroslav Miksik Implementing lightcuts
Juray Svec Alternative GUI for interaction in mobile environments
Germany Bonn Marcel Koertgen Robust Automatic Registration of Range Images with Reflectance
Freiburg Marc Gissler Simulation and Visualization of Topology-Changing Plastic Material
Hungary Budapest Peter Horvath SPH-Based Fluid Simulation for Special Effects
Kristof Ralovich Implementing and Analyzing a GPU Ray Tracer
Poland Szczecin Maciej Laskowski Detection of light sources in digital photographs
Dawid Pajak General-Purpose Computation Using Graphics Hardware for Fast HDR Image Processing
Slovakia Bratislava (STU) Igor Janos Multi-CPU video processing
Bratislava (UK) Juraj Konecny Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces on GPU
Radoslav Buranský Proposal and Evaluation of Mapping Hypermedia to 3D Sound Space
Slovenia Maribor Bojan Rupnik Rendering Large Terrains in Real Time


The 11th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics is sponsored by the following companies:
SOFTIP NOKIA Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic



Caligari SISp
Slovak Society for Computer Science
A K Peters Ltd.
our official partner this year: COFAX
and is organized under the auspices of the Austrian ambassador in Slovakia,
Dr. Helmut Wessely.

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