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Final Program of CESCG 2007

The preliminary program is still available also.

Note, that also this year, CESCG is co-organized with the Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG), which takes place right after the seminar.

April 23rd, 2007 April 24th, 2007 April 25th, 2007
7:30 Travelling Breakfast Breakfast
8:30 Session 3: Volume Graphics Session 7: Image Processing
10:10 Coffee Break Coffee Break &
IPC Meeting
10:40 Registration Session 4: Rendering II: Natural Phenomena and Light
11:00 Session 8: Invited Talk by Mateu Sbert
12:20 Lunch Lunch
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session 1: Rendering I: GPU Techniques Session 5: VR and Multimedia Travelling
15:40 Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:10 Session 2: Potpourri (Visualization, Geometry and GUIs) Session 6: Invited Talk by Ivana Kolingerová
17:50 Spare Time Spare Time &
IPC Meeting
18:30 - open

Monday, April 23rd, 2007, morning
1100 Registration -
1220 Lunch -

Monday, April 23rd, 2007, afternoon
1330 CESCG 2007 Opening by the seminar organizers
Session 1: Rendering I: GPU Techniques
(Chair: Markus Grabner)
1400 Kristóf Ralovich
(Budapest, Hungary)
[.pdf-file] Implementing and Analyzing a GPU Ray Tracer
Dawid Pająk
(Szczecin, Poland)
[.pdf-file] General-Purpose Computation Using Graphics Hardware for Fast HDR image Processing
Juraj Konečný
(Bratislava, Slovakia)
[.pdf-file] Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces on GPU
Bojan Rupnik
(Maribor, Slovenia)
[.pdf-file] Rendering Large Terrains in Real-Time
1540 Coffee Break -
  Session 2: Potpourri (Visualization, Geometry and GUIs)
(Chair: Ivana Kolingerova)
1610 Martina Málková
(Plzen, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file] A new core-based morphing algorithm for polygons
Marc Streit
(Graz, Austria)
[.pdf-file] Interactive Visualisation of Complex Graphs
Juraj Švec
(Prague, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file] Alternative GUI for Interaction in Mobile Environment
Jürgen Platzer
(Vienna, Austria)
[.pdf-file] Enhancing Interactive Visual Data Analysis by Statistical Functionality
1750 Spare Time -
1830 Welcome Party -

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007, morning
730 Breakfast -
  Session 3: Volume Graphics (Chair: Reinhard Klein)
830 Oliver Klar
(Vienna, Austria)
[.pdf-file] Interactive GPU-based Segmentation of Large Medical Volume Data with Level-Sets
Radek Kubíček
(Brno, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file] Visualization of the Marked Cells of Model Organism
Tobias Gross
(Graz, Austria)
[.pdf-file] 2D/3D Registration of X-Ray and CT Data Using Accelerated Volume Rendering and Gradient Calculation
Martin Haidacher
(Vienna, Austria)
[.pdf-file] Importance-Driven Rendering in Interventional Imaging
1010 Coffee Break -
  Session 4: Rendering II: Natural Phenomena and Light
(Chair: Laszlo Szirmay-Kalos)
1040 Ines Stuppacher, Peter Supan
(Hagenberg, Austria)
[.pdf-file] Rendering of Water Drops in Real-Time
Miroslav Mikšík
(Prague, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file] Implementing Lightcuts
Marc Gissler
(Freiburg, Germany)
[.pdf-file] Simulation and Visualization of topology-changing plastic material
Peter Horvath, Dávid Illés
(Budapest, Hungary)
[.pdf-file] SPH-Based Fluid Simulation for Special Effects
1220 Lunch -

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007, afternoon
  Session 5: VR and Multimedia (Chair: Martin Sperka)
1400 Vedad Hulusic
(Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)
[.pdf-file] Optimization threshold in Sarajevo City Hall virtual model for Efficient Web Presentation
Petr Brož
(Plzen, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file] Exact and heuristic path planning methods for a virtual environment
Belma Ramić
(Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)
[.pdf-file] Digital 3D Postcards of Heritage Sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Radoslav Buranský
(Bratislava, Slovakia)
[.pdf-file] Proposal and Evaluation of Mapping Hypermedia to 3D Sound Space
1540 Coffee Break -
  Session 6: Invited Talk (Chair: Michael Wimmer)
1610 Ivana Kolingerová
(Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file] Triangulations for computer graphics applications
[.ppt-file] [.avi-file] [.avi-file] [.avi-file] [.avi-file] [.avi-file]
1750 Spare Time & IPC Meeting -
1830 Social Program -

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007, morning
730 Breakfast -
  Session 7: Image Processing (Chair: Radoslaw Mantiuk)
830 Tomáš Mikolov
(Brno, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file] Color Reduction Using K-Means Clustering
Marcel Körtgen
(Bonn, Germany)
[.pdf-file] Robust Automatic Registration of Range Images with Reflectance
Igor Jánoš
(Bratislava, Slovakia)
[.pdf-file] Multi-CPU video processing
Maciej Laskowski
(Szczecin, Poland)
[.pdf-file] Detection of light sources in digital photographs
1010 Coffee Break & IPC Meeting -
  Session 8: Invited Talk (Chair: Andrej Ferko)
1100 Mateu Sbert
[.pdf-file] Applications of Information Theory to Computer Graphics
1220 Closing Ceremony (Seminar Organizers)-
1300 Lunch -


The 11th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics is sponsored by the following companies:
SOFTIP NOKIA Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic



Caligari SISp
Slovak Society for Computer Science
A K Peters Ltd.
our official partner this year: COFAX
and is organized under the auspices of the Austrian ambassador in Slovakia,
Dr. Helmut Wessely.

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