[CESCG logo] Visualization over the Internet

Andreas Kolb

Institute of Computer Graphics
Vienna University of Technology
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Scientific visualization is a powerful tool to investigate and analyze complex problems such as CFD-simulation data or medical volumetric datasets. Especially these days where data sets in the range of gigabytes to terabytes have to be illustrated and investigated a large number of valuable visualization techniques have been developed by researchers all over the world. Unfortunately, it takes quite a long time until these scientific advances are available to a broad user community. This is the point where the Internet jumps in as becoming more and more the bridge between scientists providing advanced visualization techniques for complex systems and users all over the world who investigate their problems in various applications.

Keywords: Visualization, Internet

1. Introduction

2. Visualization over the WWW

3. Methods of visualization

4. VizWiz

5. Conclusions

6. References

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