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Hann and Hamming Window

The Hann (due to Julius van Hann, often wrongly referred to as Hanning window [20], sometimes just cosine bell window) and Hamming window are quite similar, they only differ in the choice of one parameter $\alpha$:

\textrm{H}(x,\tau,\alpha)=\left \{ \begin{array}{cl}
\alpha ...
...\vert x\vert < \tau$}\\
0 & \textrm{else}
\end{array} \right.
\end{displaymath} (9)

with $\alpha=\frac{1}{2}$ being the Hann window and $\alpha=0.54$ the Hamming Window. The Hamming window also has the disadvantage of being discontinuous at the edges (and has therefore a, however not so severe, bump above $\pi$), which leads to clearly visible artifacts in the images.