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Michael Wimmer, Martin Ilčík, Andrej Ferko, Radoslaw Mantiuk, Jiří Bittner, László Szirmay-Kalos, Previously organised by Andreas Traxler, Stefan Jeschke, Georg Zotti,

Ivan Viola, Andreas Traxler, Thomas Theußl and Helwig Hauser

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CESCG is organized once a year in cooperation of the Institute of Computer Graphis and Algorithms in Vienna and the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics at Comenius University in Bratislava. Cooperating partners from the Visegrad region are West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin, Czech Technical University in Prague and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. It is a student workshop which is held on three consecutive days in spring time in Smolenice, Slovakia.


Cooperating groups are invited to send participants to the seminar. As a reply to the `Call for Participation' local organizers inform the program committee about the number of expected participating students. Since lots of groups are invited to participate and the time for talks is restricted, the initial number of participants per location is 2. In case some slots stay free, it is possible to distribute them among the others.


The Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics (CESCG) is an annual scientific seminar for undergraduate students of computer graphics. While finishing their research work, we guide them through the academic publishing process. In this first phase, students are trained in scientific writing. All submissions are reviewed and evaluated by three independent experts, providing valuable feedback to the students. The best 24 papers get a full presentation slot at the seminar, the rest is selected for a short presentation in the poster session. In the second phase, the students learn how to give an interesting talk. Local supervisors help them to prepare and practice the presentation of their research results.

The seminar takes place in the Smolenice castle. Its schedule combines a scientific conference and training of academic skills. Besides student presentations, there are 2 invited talks by prestigious computer graphics researchers. Students get immediate feedback to their talks by the audience and detailed remarks by the session chairs at the end of the day. Additional workshops on writing papers, project proposals and presenting are opened to all visitors. After introductory lectures with small assignments on the first day, participants get feedback on the second day. Results from the workshops are presented right before the closing ceremony.

The tight program is divided into morning and afternoon sessions with time for free discussions during coffee breaks. In the evening, there is spare time for workshop assignments and social program.

Important Dates

Due to the different semester structures of participating universities early communication and coordination of CESCG is very important. A rough schedule shows all important dates relative to the start of the actual semester:

Mid/End of September, the year before CESCG:
Invitation eMail. Just a reminder for those who would participate.
November, the year before CESCG:
Call for participation. Invited groups should check whether they intend to prepare/send students to the seminar and announce the number of potential participants to the organizers.
End of December, the year before CESCG
Deadline for abstract submission. If you want to participate, do not miss this deadline.
Reviewing Submission Deadline. First submission of the papers for reviewing purpose.
Review notification for authors.
Final submission deadline for contributions.
One month to go
Final programme is announced.
10 days to go
Registration deadline.
At last
Three consecutive days of seminar.

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