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A Review of Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Methods

Balázs Csébfalvi
Department of Process Control, Technical University of Budapest,
Budapest, Muegyetem rkp. 11, H-1111, HUNGARY


For solving the rendering equations several algorithms were proposed which are based on Monte Carlo or quasi-Monte Carlo integration techniques. These algorithms usually generate random walks through the scene, where the pixel intensities are estimated by making the average of their conributions. In order to model all kind of reflections and refractions in the random walks, hybrid methods can be used that try to exploit the advantageous properties of radiosity and ray tracing. This paper reviews the derivation of rendering equation, discusses the Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo integration techniques and introduces different hybrid methods.


Rendering equation, quasi-monte carlo quadrature, hybrid methods, bi-directional ray tracing.

Csébfalvi Balázs
Tue Apr 15 18:39:13 METDST 1997