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Collection of photos taken at CESCG'98!

The Budmerice Catle - Home of CESCG'98
[PHOTO] Preparing the first presentation.
[PHOTO] Please register! Buy two proceedings for the price of one!
[PHOTO] Welcome party! The first social event, enlighted by Andrej's musings on computer graphics.
[PHOTO] The first social event cont'd!
[PHOTO] And even more cont'd!
[PHOTO] ... cont'd!
[PHOTO] ???!
[PHOTO] Press staff.
[PHOTO] Break or session?
[PHOTO] Home of CESCG'98 - the Budmerice Castle.
[PHOTO] For some quiet moments - the Budmerice park.
[PHOTO] Budmerice castle.
[PHOTO] Two agents in front of CESCG-Headquarters.

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Helwig Löffelmann, Zsolt Szalavári, and Gerd Hesina, May 6, 1998.