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 CESCG 2010 - Final Program

Michael Wimmer, Martin Ilcik

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May 10th - 12th, 2010, Budmerice Castle, Slovakia

Final Program of CESCG 

This year, the entire proceedings are also available in a single pdf file: ELECTRONIC PROCEEDINGS OF CESCG 2010.

Note, that also this year, CESCG is co-organized with the Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG), which takes place right after the seminar.

May 10, 2010May 11, 2010May 12, 2010
08:30Computer VisionData Acquisition
10:10Coffee BreakCoffee Break
10:40RegistrationRenderingInvited Talk
14:00Keynote Talk
16:05Coffee BreakCoffee Break
16:35Invited TalkModeling and Natural Phenomena

Monday, May 10th, 2010, morning
1040Registration -
1220Lunch -

Monday, May 10th, 2010, afternoon
1330Opening Ceremony -
Session: Keynote Talk
(Chair: Alan Chalmers)
1400Stephen STOTT
(United Kingdom)
Autodesk Education Continuum - Interactive Curricula Model for Technical Excellence and Creativity
Session: Materials
(Chair: Ania Tomaszewska)
1450Martin Berger
(Charles University, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file]Real-time Fur Using GPU-based Raycasting
Sebastian Merzbach
(University of Bonn, Germany)
[.pdf-file]Time-Varying BTFs
Oskar Elek
(Charles University, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file]Layered Materials in Real-Time Rendering
1605Coffee Break -
Session: Invited Talk
(Chair: Michael Wimmer)
1635Horst BISCHOF
Solving Vision Tasks with Variational Methods on GPUs
1735Spare Time & IPC -
1830Welcome Party -

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010, morning
0730Breakfast -
Session: Computer Vision
(Chair: Jiří Sochor)
0830Simon Gang
(University of Maribor, Slovenia)
[.pdf-file]Comparison of face recognition algorithms in terms of the learning set selection
Pavel Vlašánek
(University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file]Usage of the webcam as 3D input device
Andreas Hartl
(Graz University of Technology, Austria)
[.pdf-file]Computer-Vision based Pharmaceutical Pill Recognition on Mobile Phones
Zuzana Haladová
(Comenius University, Slovakia)
[.pdf-file]Segmentation and classification of fine art paintings
1010Coffee Break -
Session: Rendering
(Chair: Vlastimil Havran)
1040Marek Vinkler
(Masaryk University, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file]Traversal methods for GPU ray tracing
Bartosz Bazyluk
(West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland)
[.pdf-file]Eye Tracking in Virtual Environments: The Study of Possibilities and the Implementation of Gaze-point Dependent Depth of Field
Reinhold Preiner
(Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
[.pdf-file]Real-Time Global Illumination in Point Clouds
Ondrej Jamriška
(Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file]Interactive Ray Tracing of Distance Fields
1220Lunch -

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010, afternoon
1330Spare Time -
Session: Applications
(Chair: Selma Rizvic)
1425Tomáš Pastorek
(Czech Technical University, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file]Concept of Interactive Coloring book
Elmedin Selmanovic
(University of Warwick, United Kingdom)
[.pdf-file]Obesity in Children - A Serious Game
Edin Pasovic
(Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, Bosnia-Hercegovina)
[.pdf-file]Methods of simplification for process of 3D animation production
Stephan Pajer
(VRVis Research Center for Virtual Reality & Visualization, Austria)
[.pdf-file]Parallel Distances Analyzing Multi-Level Relationships in Networks
1605Coffee Break -
Session: Modeling and Natural Phenomena
(Chair: Jozef Pelikán)
1635Martin Madaras
(Comenius University, Slovakia)
[.pdf-file]Extraction of skinning data by mesh contraction with Collada 1.5 support
Zsolt Fehér
(Technical University of Budapest, Hungary)
[.pdf-file]Terrain Rendering with the Combination of Mesh Simplification and Displacement Mapping
Tamas Huszar
(Technical University of Budapest, Hungary)
[.pdf-file]GPU-supported bubble and foam rendering
Johannes Scharl
(Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
[.pdf-file]A Constraint Based System to Populate Procedurally Modeled Cities with Buildings
1815Spare Time -
1830Social Program -

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010, morning
0730Breakfast -
Session: Data Acquisition
(Chair: Andrej Ferko)
0830Goran Radosevic
(Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina)
[.pdf-file]Laser Scanning Versus Photogrammetry Combined with Manual Post-modeling in Stecak Digitization
Bronislav Pribyl
(Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic)
[.pdf-file]Fine Image Resampling Algorithm
Bartlomiej Specjalny
(West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland)
[.pdf-file]The Prototype Light Projection System for Cultural Heritage Reconstruction
Peter Kán
(Comenius University, Slovakia)
[.pdf-file]Automatic Image-Based 3D Head Modeling with Parameterized Model Based on Hierarchical Tree of Facial Features
1010Coffee Break -
Session: Invited Talk
(Chair: László Szirmay-Kalos)
1040Roman DURIKOVIč
Simulating the Dynamics of Fluids
1140Closing Ceremony -
1220Lunch -


The 14th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics is sponsored by the following companies:
The Main CESCG 2010 sponsor
Slovak Society of Computer Science
Slovak Society of Computer Science

Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic
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